Gold – The Right of Redress

Post by Andrew Gold I’m writing to put in a quick word about my new book, The Right of Redress – now published in the Oxford Legal Philosophy Series. (Here is a poster for the book, which includes a discount code.) Corrective justice theories of private law often focus on a wrongdoer’s obligation to fix … Read more

Can We Contract For Fiduciary Loyalty? – Andrew Gold

Post by Andrew Gold

Some of the more interesting puzzles in private law involve the boundaries between subfields.  Here is a recent example that implicates contract law and fiduciary law.  In 2013, the Delaware Supreme Court expressly recognized a contractually created fiduciary duty of good faith.  See Gerber v. Enterprise Products Holdings, LLC, 67 A.3d 400, 418 (Del. 2013).  From different perspectives, several theorists have recently argued that there are qualitative differences between contractual and fiduciary duties.  See Daniel Markovits, Sharing Ex Ante and Sharing Ex Post: The Non-Contractual Basis of Fiduciary Relations, in Philosophical Foundations of Fiduciary Law 209 (Gold & Miller, eds.) (2014); Stephen R. Galoob & Ethan J. Leib, Intentions, Compliance, and Fiduciary Obligations, 20 Legal Theory 106 (2014).  See also D. Gordon Smith, Contractually Adopted Fiduciary Duty, 2014 U. Ill. L. Rev. 1783, 1792 (arguing that a duty arising from the language of a contract should be considered a contractual duty).  Which view is right?

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How Should We Understand Private Law Concepts? — Andrew Gold

Post by Andrew Gold Given the recent blog debate about the distinctiveness of private law, I would like to raise a separate but related issue.  Often, when we talk about what private law is, we are concerned with what separates private law from other fields – how do we distinguish private law from public law?  … Read more

Private Law Theory, Honor, and Related Norms — Andrew Gold

Post by: Andrew Gold Private law theorists usually adopt morality criteria when assessing the plausibility of a given theory.  (For helpful assessment of these criteria, see Stephen A. Smith, Contract Theory 13-24 (2004)).  That said, private law sometimes incorporates concepts that are hard to square with the standard morality-based pictures of private law.  Nathan Oman … Read more