Property Scholarship Citation Counts — Eric Claeys

Post by Eric Claeys, George Mason University

Earlier this year, Ted Sichelman blogged here about the most-cited real property articles published in the last 25 years.  

Property scholar Stephen Clowney (Arkansas-Fayetteville) just conducted a more topical citation count, for the last 5 years of property scholarship.  He describes his methods in his posting (and he deserves extra appreciation for being candid about his methods and especially their pitfalls). Basically, though, Clowney follows Brian Leiter’s now-standard Westlaw search approach.

If you want to see Clowney’s findings, they’re here.

I don’t have to remind the readers of this blog: No one should go into private law theory for the citation counts!  But it is helpful to know which works and authors are getting at least some notice, and we should all be grateful to Ted and Steve for making it easier for us to answer those sorts of questions.

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