Summer School Announcment: “Contract Law in a Liberal Society” — Yonathan Arbel

Post by Yonathan Arbel

Dr. Lyn Tjon Soei Len, of the University of Amsterdam,  asked to bring this invitation for their very interesting summer-school to the attention of our readers:

From June 29- July 1 the Summer School “Contract Law in a Liberal Society” will take place in Amsterdam. Junior scholars and advanced students will have the opportunity to explore three novel, liberal contract law theories advanced by Hanoch Dagan, Aditi Bagchi and Martijn Hesselink. The summer school will also offer participants the occasion to present their own work and receive valuable feedback. Although the deadline for applications is fast approaching (extended to April 16), funding is still available to support travel and accommodation costs.

If you are aware of students or junior colleagues for whom the event may be of interest, it would be wonderful if you could bring the summer school to their attention. More information can be found here:


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