ISNIE 2015 — Dan Kelly

Post by Dan Kelly

The International Society for New Institutional Economics (ISNIE), soon to be renamed The Society for Institutional and Organizational Economics (SIOE), is hosting its 19th Annual Conference this weekend, June 18-20, at Harvard Law School.  The conference website includes details on this year’s program and papers.

The conference is sponsored by Harvard Law School through the Project on the Foundations of Private Law.  In addition to keynotes by Martin Nowak (Harvard) on “The Evolution of Cooperation” and Michael Whinston (MIT) on “Property Rights and the Efficiency of Bargaining,” the program includes a number of panels that intersect with private law topics, including agency and fiduciary law, contracts, intellectual property, and property rights.     

The following is a (non-exhaustive) list of panels that intersect with private law issues:

  • Agency and Fiduciary Law (Kelly; Miller & Gold; Rauterberg; Schanzenbach & Sitkoff)
  • Contracting I (Mazzaro & Manfredini-Oliveira; Petruchenya & Hendrikse; Rasmusen)
  • Contracting II (Gil & Zanarone; Halonen-Akatwijuka & Pafilis; Michler & Wu; Vatiero)
  • Contractual Incompleteness, Relational Contracting, and the Law (Choi; Engert; Lewis & Schwartz)
  • Enforcement of Property Rights by Non-State Means (Gambetta & Szekely; Mamidi; Ramseyer; Shortland)
  • Experiments about Institutions I (Exley; Spamann & Kloehn; Stone & Stremitzer)
  • Experiments about Institutions II (Bechtold, Buccafusco & Sprigman; Depoorter & Tontrup; Faillo, Rizzolli & Tontrup)
  • Innovation (Barnett; Bell & Parchomovsky; Vakili & Zhang)
  • Institutions and Innovation Problems (Barnett & Kamar; Jennejohn; Smith; Xing, Mayer, Xie & Reuer)
  • Innovation and the Patent System (Haber & Werfel; Kieff & Paredes; Galetovic & Gupta)
  • Institutions, Embeddedness, and Business Contracting (Bernstein; Elfenbein & Zenger; Yenkey)
  • Legal Design (Golden; Friedman; Licht; Srivastava)
  • Property and Law (Beuve, Carré-Tallon & Sgard; Fon; Gutmann & Voigt; Hanssen & Raskovich)
  • Property Rights I (Ghosh, Patil & Kathuria; Kukarni; Lueck & Haye; Hallack & Vazquez)
  • Property Rights II (Allen & Leeson; Arruñada; Barzel)
  • Rights to Water (Claeys; Edwards; Leonard & Libecap)

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